Can I order just a tail/hands/feet/body ?
Sorry, we do not offer odd bits on order any more. If you wish to buy separate bits you will need to wait for premades or get them as an add-on with a head.

How long do I need to wait for my suit to be completed ? The process is very time-consuming and mentally demanding. The prosses itself only takes 4-8weeks from the time we start your order to the time its finished but depending on your queue position and wait for materials delivery is can be between 2month to over a year. We encourage patience and try to make the waiting process less stressful by flooding our social media accounts with W.I.P's of our projects.

when do I make and send my DTD (duct Tape Dummy) ?
You will normally be asked to make one when your order is next up from the current project. So that it arrives right before the work is started, you can also make it and send it once you set your deposit down. Just keep in mind that it may take a while before its used and if you gained/lost weight significantly by the time your order is started to let us know if we need to alter the pattern a bit to suit the change.

What measurements do I need to send ?
We will need a circumference of your head, shoe size and your height.

When will commissions open ?
The front page will almost always have the status and the opening date for commissions. You can also use the button on the bottom of the website to have a look at the queue length if no date is supplied, as commissions usually reopen when the queue is almost at its end!

Can you make this species ?
Yes, we will try almost anything you may throw at us, As we appreciate a good challenge even if we have never made it before! The only exceptions are species that may be impossible to bring into the real world due to science... darn you science !! (floating heads, detached arms, tails 4 times your body size, you get the idea.)

Do you ship internationally ?
Yes, we do! Although shipping prices may be higher if you're further away.

Where do I breathe from the heads ?
Generally, the muzzle is your main source of ventilation. Its hollowed out so there is space to mount a fan if you ever feel the need too. Aside from that, the nose has hollow nostrils and the back of the head has vents in the foam to allow some heat to escape.

What if I want to change my design after I've put down my deposit ?
You have up until I start your costume to make changes to your design. After that, no more changes will be accepted. Any change is subject to a fee if it alters your design to the point I feel it's necessary. Changes that can incur fees are additional markings/colours, horns, a change in eye colour/inner ear colour, tongue colour, etc.

Can you make me a fursuit in this makers style ?
No, if you want a costume to look like another makers style, commission them instead.


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