Quotes and how do they work ?

  • Quotes are available all year round and are valid for 4months after receiving one.
  • Multiple quotes are allowed. when applying for more than one character please send them as individual quotes.
  • Quotes will not guarantee a spot on the queue.
  • When commissions are open your quote will be considered as a possible commission and if we choose you, an email will be sent to you asking for confirmation of your slot.
  • If you choose to accept we will have a further in-depth talk on the process, design and payment.
  • If your quote expired before commissions open you can re-submit it allowing you to be reviewed for that batch of commissions.
  • Commissions stay open for 2 weeks after the announcement of opening, in that period of time quotes are being reviewed and picked while the commissioner is given time to organise their deposit.
  • Rush fees are not included in the quote and can be arranged after slot acceptance.

Fursuit Quote
please fill out the form below to get a quote !
Name *
When choosing artistic liberty please choose commission type in the artistic liberty section!
Make sure that the reference is public! If you don't have one up online you can use any image hosting sites. eg: deviant art, twitter, Instagram, Imgur etc. If you picked artistic liberty you can link a colour scheme or image of species.
Use the add-on lists on the price page for reference on what's available, you can add things that are not on the lists and we will consider it.
note worthy Specifics
If none of the below phrases apply to you leave them blank, strenuous activity refers to the activity above the average fursuit use, frequent dance competitions, swimming, long walks(3-4h) outdoors on harsh terrain etc.
Artistic Liberty specifications
If you picked Artistic Liberty this is where you put down guidelines. these include a reference sheet at 50% discount.
Leave blank if you didn't pick artistic liberty.
If you have a custom species add a link in the "link to reference sheet" box. If it's a closed species I may need proof of ownership.
you can pick a theme and I will choose colours accordingly. eg: beach, sea, shark, tiger, stormy night ,forest etc.
You can put anything else that you might want to express and I have missed mentioning, here. But please keep it short, Thank you!